Atlanta Chapter Committees

What does it mean to truly get involved?

According to, it means to become associated with.

There are multiple committees that offer members the opportunity to enrich the development of themselves, others and the Chapter. 

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Committee Description / Chair Person

Membership - Valencia McDaniel

The goal of the membership Committee is to initiate ideas and methods of expanding our membership base. While every member of the chapter is encouraged to be an actively engaged in expanding membership by promoting the benefits of NAWIC to other women and companies in the industry, the Membership Committee may propose and coordinate targeted efforts to expand membership.  The chair needs to be familiar with the association requirements of membership, various programs and activities available to the chapter for membership promotion. 

Community Outreach - Christina DeVose

The Community Outreach Committee is focused on planning volunteer event(s). Specifically, we are targeting opportunities through Habitat for Humanity, KaBoom and Together We Rise. In addition, a focus has been placed on collaborating with other professional women-based organizations that have similar goals. This committee exists to connect and support our local community.

Professional Development & Education - Lisa Willis

The purpose of this committee is to promote professional and personal growth of our members, and to foster relationships with schools, partnering organizations and the community to enhance the success of women in the construction industry.  The committee provides education and training opportunities, organizes construction related programs and projects, informs members of Chapter, Regional, and National NAWIC education and training opportunities.  Activities of the committee may include mentoring, retaining speakers, seminars, sponsoring training opportunities, trade shows and industry wide association events.

Block Kids - Claire McGrath

Through a National block building competition, sponsored on local levels, NAWIC introduces grade school children to the construction and design industry to create an awareness of and to promote an interest in future careers in the industry.  The Block Kids competition is held annually.  Local winners advance to Regional competition, and one semi-finalist from each region is entered in the National Program competition.  The committee will plan, coordinate with the school, and organize a local competition.  

CAD Competition - Lynn Logan

The annual CAD competition, as promoted by the National Education Foundation, is “designed for Senior High School and College level students. The contest provides recognition to students for creative design, successful problem solving and craftsmanship in preparing architectural drawings.  Entries are evaluated for detail, accuracy and originality of work. Objectives of the contest are to introduce the student to the construction industry in a positive and challenging manner, while fostering a sense of self-worth and building confidence.”

WIC Week - Sophia Ruffin

The association celebrates its beginnings and its future by having several activities during a designated week in March.  For Women in Construction (WIC) week, the committee coordinates such activities as a job site tours, luncheons, after work gatherings, and other networking to raise awareness of women in construction. One of the functions of the chair is to write to the City of Atlanta and the State of Georgia to ask them to sign a proclamation making Women in Construction Week official.  The committee also coordinates with the PR/Marketing Committee provide extra coverage of events during Women in Construction week.

PR / Marketing - Brett Henderson

This committee is an essential part of all chapter activities. Communication with the news media and various trade publications on our upcoming activities, monthly meeting notices, announcements of promotions of members and the election of officers are essential to keep NAWIC in the forefront. The committee is also responsible for the chapter website and Facebook page.  The PR/Marketing committee coordinates with all other committees and assists them in promoting special events.

Finance - Heather Mannion 

Budgets are proposed by the Finance Committee, which should consist of the incoming and outgoing Treasurers and Presidents (and any others deemed necessary by the Chapter). Budgets should be prepared carefully and should realistically reflect anticipated income and expenses, based on previous years’ experiences. Proposed budgets are presented to the Board for approval.  The Board then notifies the membership that the budget has been approved and is available for review. 

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